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Yep. Although Naruto is kinda-starting to become more epic and less Saucegay-ish and instead of just "AAAAAAAAA" in Bleach there's now a bunch of Kurosaki-kunning and more "AAAAAAA"-ing. At any rate though, One Piece > all other shounen. Srsly



OOOMG. Omg. omg. omg.
Just finished reading Inkheart. It was amazing, one of the best children fantasy stories out there! It just kicked out Narnia from my top 3 list. XD I'm OH SO ashamed now that I haven't gotten to read it before! (But, well, I guess my only excuse would be that before, I wasn't confident enough in my English reading abilities, and the book wasn't out in Hebrew yet :P) At any case, I started reading it because I wanted to read the book BEFORE watching the movie (that came out yesterday). And I just finished. Holy crap. That was amazing.

Although it was really hard to get into, took me about 2 weeks or so. First few chps are boring. However once you get past chp 10 (Yes, ten, lol. The chps in this book are so short! Only 5 to 6 pages each) the adventure starts getting excited. Plus, there's Dustfinger!
DUSTFINGER DUSTFINGER DUSTFINGER DUSTFINGER~~~ <3 I love him so much. His character is brilliant. The ending was sad. Well, not for the main charas. But for Dustfinger. Gawd I felt so sorry for him, and sad. BUT! There are two more books for this series, and I heard Dustfinger's luck gets better, which is good XD

Once I start liking one character in a book, I really dont care much for the others, do I? XD Like Jacob in Twilight. Once I heard he became a horrifying pedophile in book 4 I just dropped it and never came back to reading it again *shudders*. Anyway, I think Dustfinger is one of the most amazing characters to ever be written. His personality is so unique and complex. I love him, love him love him. >3<
I also love the actor who plays him, lol. So hot.


Squee. Dustfinger, why so smexy. <3

p.s. Now I really can't wait to see the movie. Of course, it will be different from the book. You can see it straight from the trailer, in the movie they use all that Wizard of Oz crap, while in the book they use Peter Pan. In the movie Meggie summons Toto out of  Oz, but in the book she summons Tinkerbell. I'm sorry, but Tinkerbell > Toto, therefore book > movie. Yes.



Fall Season rant.

The great and highly ancitipated Fall Season is now over.  It was really great. Many of the shows are now continuing into the Winter season, but also some of them that only had 11~13 episodes ended and I wanna rant alittle about them. :3

Goodbye fall anime, it was fun.Collapse )

Yes, Fall anime was great. I wish they would have done a better job with Vampire Knight, but oh well. I can't get everything. Plus, I still missed some great shows that are worth watching, like Toradora! and Kannagi. Maybe I'll watch them someday when I have some free time, haha. Keeping up with all those new episodes every week is a hard job. XD I also try to keep up with Bleach, Naruto and One Piece at the same time, but they are all fillery and crappy and screwy at the moment, I don't feel like it. XD I also watch Shugo Chara! and Soul Eater... and they are much better than those filler shounen right now, so. :P
<3<3 Yay for anime problems <3<3 (too bad they're not the only problems I have right now, eh? x3)



Hirano Aya: omg I'm in bleach hehe<3

Rukia: how do you know my name?
Ichigo: ORE GA ICHIGO DAMMIT plz remember me rukia plzplzplz

Ichigo: So why dont you use your bankai Renji?
Renji: lolwut bankai?

Ichigo: So that was Hisana huh. Sure looks like Rukia. Gah I miss Rukia. Rukiarukiarukiarukia.
Bya: -stare- .... -having flashbacks of Hisana<3-

Hitsugaya: I dont remember you!
Ichigo: who cares!

Evil Rukia: Everyone already forgotten about you...

^Not the exact words, but this is what I'm getting from the new OP. Awesome. XDD


A small rant about life and manga

My life is so crazy at the moment. I wish I had more time to do everything I wanna do:
To watch all the anime I want to, and read all the manga I want to, and talk to my friends whenever I want to, and lurk everywhere, and play maplestory, and read books, and watch movies, and hang out with friends, and do my homework (lol so low on the list? x3), and rant and fangirl whenever something amazing happens, and learn all those programming languages, and CSS and get photoshop(again), and play with my sisters and go on trips everywhere and sleep sleep sleep.
But I dont have time to do all that. Right now I only have time for homework and family problems (bleh).

Although I do have time to read at least 3 shounen manga every Friday when new chps come out, thank god. :P
So, short rants, because I missed those:

Bleach, Naruto & One Piece spoilersCollapse )

Oh, and another thing. The IchiRuki movie? Yeah. I read the summary (finally XD). It went beyond my expectations. Especially with the reverse chp one scene. I actually thought once Kubo is gonna put a scene like that in the manga, but I dont mind if its in the movie he approved of lol. Also, Hirano Aya is so cute and I love how she 'admires Rukia'. I can't wait to hear her voice as the sister, I still didnt hear her play a role that's a little bit evil. Well, except for Misa Misa. x3

~ Noy

I miss SS arc.

You know...? :\
(lots of emotes aren't showing in here):

Emily says:
Emily says:
 emily is bored
Emily says:
 and reading random awesome bleach chaps
Emily says:
Emily says:
Emily says:
Noy says:
Noy says:
 do u know how many times ive stared at this page

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fangirl moments r srs bzns

So, I went to the bookstore today, because it was the weekend. I usually go to a bookstore during the weekends cause then I FINALLY have some time on my hands to enjoy life~ So anyway, this time I went to Borders.

I went to stare at the manga section. Usually, they place some manga art books for sale in front of the manga's that begin with A or whatever (cause yeah they dont organize manga's according to authors, but more like according to their titles, which makes sense~). Sometimes, there are really good art books there which I like to stare at. Like, one time I saw the One Piece 1st art book and I looked through it for like 2 hours haha. The other times, I saw Naruto art book, Chobits art book, FMA art book... and more.

BUT. THIS TIME WAS SPECIAL. XD I saw it from a mile away while walking towards the shelf. I couldn't believe my eyes, seriously. I'd never thought Viz would actually publish this one in the US. I wasn't expecting this surprise AT ALL.

And I bought it. :D

My fangirl moment of the dayCollapse )



Nodame is Nodame.

Ok, so I guess I overreacted.

Now that I watched the ED again, I actually like it. Because it has the whole Paris theme in it. It's actually quite beautiful.
I still hate he OP though. :P

The episode was great. They followed the manga. Nodame is still Nodame. Chiaki is still Chiaki. Tania and Frank are in there too.

Now that Ive watched the episode... I'm happy. :)



Nodame Paris Chp... WTF.

No... This can't be! ... it can't be :( Were my expectations too high for this anime?!
The OP & ED themes for Nodame second season... are just crap. I'm sorry but compared to the first season's amazing OP and EDs, this is just WTF.



Compared to the originals.... no. You just simply CANT compare them :(((((

Originals...Collapse )

I'm sulking. I am. I haven't even seen the whole ep yet.
But if it follows the manga ... it should be ok... right? :\
RIGHT!? ;__;

EDIT: Just to make myself clear here, I think they could have least made the animation alittle better, you know?! The animation in the OP seems like crap, and compared to the original OP that had so many colors in it, and so many aspects of the series... well yeah its even worse than crap. It seems like they didn't give any though to the animation AT ALL which makes me so sad. Just by looking at the OP, without knowing what the series is about, I wouldn't wanna watch it. UGH.

Just when I thought Clannad's 2nd season started out GREAT, Nodame's OP&EDs had to die on me. :(
I REALLY hope the plot follows the manga and all, and the music will be good.

- Noy

Fall Anime ... again

Just for my reference. You can use it too though.

Sunday: (Gundam 00 Second Season), Skip Beat!
Monday: Vampire Knight Guilty, ef - a tale of melodies, Soul Eater
Tuesday: Hakushaku to Yousei
Wednesday: ----
Thursday: (Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka), CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter
Friday: Shounen stuff (Bleach Naruto etc)
Saturday: (Tales of the Abyss)

Booo... every Sunday I used to tell my friend on msn "new Code Geass today!"
Now I can't do it anymore.
Maybe I should start telling her "new Clannad & Nodame today!" every Thurs.? Hmm.
They'll never be subbed on Thurs. though. So I guess I should be like "Omg SUBBED Clannad & Nodame todaay!" every Friday? :D

.... At any case, be very warned, Emily. Fufu.