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It's been a year.

Been a year since I posted. Cannot believe it.

I just read Bleach chp 423. Oh god, Kubo, why are you doing this to us?

It made me cry. Because:

1) It's the first IchiRuki interaction since god knows how long. It's been YEARS.
2) They are saying goodbye. Their expressions are so tender and sad and god I love them both so much.
3) This just means that we're not getting any IchiRuki for another long while now.

Damn you Kubo. I love and hate you at the same time. :(

(Other Bleach notes: GinRan was amazing. I don't think we're done with Aizen. I hope Hiyori is alright. I wanna see what Mayuri is up to).

And obviously Ichigo is gonna get his powers back somehow. God I wish I knew how.

In other news... college is tough and I don't like it. Just started in August and it's already midterms time.
I miss the times when I used to come back from school and just watch anime everyday. It was fun. But anime sucks these days and most shows are crap. :(

I started reading the manga Kimi wa Pet back in July before school started, and since then haven't been able to even read one chapter. Makes me sad. I don't get it... why can't I take my time with college? Why do I have to take 17 hours? Why did I choose this major anyway...

My life just generally sucks right now because I have no idea where I'm going with it and I have zero motivation to figure it out. XD
All I wish is that I had more time to enjoy some manga or anime, or read a book. And actually enjoy my time.

Seeing an IchiRuki interaction cheered me up a tiny bit. Makes me remember the time when I was younger. (It WAS five years ago when I started reading Bleach...or was it four? hmm).

Also loving One Piece right now. And Bakuman, definitely.

That is all. Just wanted to get my feelings out. :)