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Twitter & some manga rant

So first of all, I'm really interested in all the Twitter hype thats been going on, everyone seems like they have Twitter P:
Thus I created my own~ anyone on F-list who has one, you're welcome to follow me lol~ http://twitter.com/noyanyan

At any rate, I've been really busy lately but I did managed to read a really good manga called Sand Chronicles that gave me a new perspective on life in a way:

Our life can be represented by an hourglass. The past is the sand that has already fallen. The present is the sand falling right now at this very moment. The future is the sand that is going to fall. Isn't that actually... logical? When all the sand has already fallen, our life ends. I find this manga kinda realistic too... people die, fall in love, move away, reunite, make love, cheat, betray, lie, etc etc. I find it kinda different from your usual shoujo manga full of happiness and "omggg does he lurve mee or nott wat should i do idk wat r those feeling i pheel". :P

On another note, the winter season has almost ended and I'm sad. CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ made me cry so many times this season, like at least every episode of the last 5 or so. I loved that anime. I'm going to miss it. On the other hand, the Skip Beat! anime exceeded my expectation and was hilarious, even more than the manga at times, and I loved every minute of it. So sad it's over. I hope they will have another season :O

The big hit of this fall/winter anime season was of course Toradora! which I didn't get to watch. But I will~ someday. XD

Anyway, thank god Spring Break is next week. I can't wait~