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Hello LiveJournal! It's been a while. (Almost a year again, but not quite yet).

My friend Emily just told me that I should catch up to the recent Bleach chapter. Yeah, lately I didn't really have time to read manga. But right now I'm on my summer break :D So, manga it is!

This arc has been boring. I completely lost interest in Bleach since all this 'Fullbring' stuff appeared. I don't care about those stupid Fullbring powers. I want shinigamis back! I liked Bleach because of the shinigamis and nothing more. (Hollows, Arrancar and Vizards are included with the 'shinigami powers' definition.) Yeah, don't really care for all these new characters. Like at all, sorry. Tsukishima and Ginjo are the Aizen-like villains in this arc apparently, lol. I'd rather have Aizen back... BUT ANYWAY.

I am so so so so happy to see Rukia again!!!! In my last post I said that their reunion would probably take place in a long time, and we did have to wait a long time. But thank god she's back! I've missed her so, so much. I like her new cute hairstyle! :D And I love the expression Ichigo makes when he sees her. And I love the fact that this was basically Bleach Chapter 1 all over again. I love it all! :D Now that Bleach involves shinigamis and Rukia again, I might start reading each week again (just for Rukia though. Sorry.)

RUKIA. I love you. I've missed you. <3

~ Noy

p.s. What else have I been up to? I watched a lot of TV shows lately, instead of anime. Mostly been obsessed with Doctor Who lately. I have watched all 5 season in the past month and a half. And I'm on season 6 now. I love the British. :D David Tennant is eye candy mhm. <3 And this show is very fabulous. Also been obsessed with tumblr lately. My friend has an awesome tumblr if anyone is interested. http://awesomily.tumblr.com


It's been a year.

Been a year since I posted. Cannot believe it.

I just read Bleach chp 423. Oh god, Kubo, why are you doing this to us?

It made me cry. Because:

1) It's the first IchiRuki interaction since god knows how long. It's been YEARS.
2) They are saying goodbye. Their expressions are so tender and sad and god I love them both so much.
3) This just means that we're not getting any IchiRuki for another long while now.

Damn you Kubo. I love and hate you at the same time. :(

(Other Bleach notes: GinRan was amazing. I don't think we're done with Aizen. I hope Hiyori is alright. I wanna see what Mayuri is up to).

And obviously Ichigo is gonna get his powers back somehow. God I wish I knew how.

In other news... college is tough and I don't like it. Just started in August and it's already midterms time.
I miss the times when I used to come back from school and just watch anime everyday. It was fun. But anime sucks these days and most shows are crap. :(

I started reading the manga Kimi wa Pet back in July before school started, and since then haven't been able to even read one chapter. Makes me sad. I don't get it... why can't I take my time with college? Why do I have to take 17 hours? Why did I choose this major anyway...

My life just generally sucks right now because I have no idea where I'm going with it and I have zero motivation to figure it out. XD
All I wish is that I had more time to enjoy some manga or anime, or read a book. And actually enjoy my time.

Seeing an IchiRuki interaction cheered me up a tiny bit. Makes me remember the time when I was younger. (It WAS five years ago when I started reading Bleach...or was it four? hmm).

Also loving One Piece right now. And Bakuman, definitely.

That is all. Just wanted to get my feelings out. :)


I think I'm excited about Bleach again.

Maybe because I watched Fade to Black and realized once again how much I love IchiRuki? ;;;;;;;;;;;
And now that the manga is back to Ichigo-tachi... maybe.. maybe... maybe... a reunion? ;;;;;; /false hopes
Anyway I loved the movie and I loved the ending scene, I think I watched that scene like over and over again a million times.

"Ja ne, saki kaeruze, shinigami." \ "Shinigami de wa nai, Kuchiki Rukia da."

Squee x 1000000 ;;;

Also, did anyone notice? There was no conclusion for Rukia and the SS crew. Like they never showed if SS remembered Rukia now or not, they didn't even show Byakuya or Renji at the end. The only conclusion was of Rukia & the twins and Rukia & Ichigo. huh. :)

Ahem anyway, in other news... I caught up to Kimi ni Todoke! All 19 scanlated chaps. Omg it's so cute, everytime I read it my heart is just filled with warmness and cuteness and gah. Plus I caught up just in time too! The RAW of the first episode is already out. Hopefully sub will be out tomorrow... cant wait. I find it funny that Namikawa Daisuke is the seiyuu for Kazehaya, idk why. I thought his voice would be more manly... but I guess since Sawako's seiyuu (Mamiko Noto)'s voice is also over the top cute and so soft, I guess Daisuke is a good match with his soft fuzzy cute voice? XDDD idk.

Also, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is just blowing my mind with each episode that came out. The plot is just so good and the animation is supereb. I just find myself speechless after each episode I watch, it's kind of amazing. <3

- Noy

~ Darker than BLACK 2nd season!
~ Fairy Tail anime omfg!
~ Inuyasha the "final season" or whatever... who cares, it's INUYASHA! It's my childhood! lol.
~ Kimi ni Todoke anime... random shoujo my friend wanted me to read for years. So now I'm actually going to read it [then watch it XD]

YEY :)

All other shows are crap though. Most excited for Darker than Black and Fairy Tail :)


I dont believe it.

TRC is ending. Tsubasa has only one chapter to go. What.

It's so amazing to me because TRC was the first manga I've ever read. (2nd one=Furuba, 3rd one=Bleach. oh the lolz)
I just thought it would never end. Never mind the fact that I'm not a big fan of it as I was in the past, nor the fact that I don't even understand the story anymore, because CLAMP just decides to mindfuck us every single chap.
But still, what. Just what.
I can't believe it's going to end. );

It was my first. My many 'firsts' actually. The first manga I read. The first anime I watched in Japanese. The first animanga I downloaded from the web. The first animanga fandom I joined. The first couple I shipped. The first yaoi couple I shipped. The first manga I bought.

Since then, I've read and watched so much more animes and mangas. My tastes have changes. I grew up. I survived through my Bleach obsession. [as a semi-lurker XD] I fell in love with so much more characters and pairings and stories. Idk, I think somehow I owe TRC something of my life, because it introduced me to the animanga world? Idk.

Furuba was the first shoujo I read and I will love it forever.
Bleach was the first shounen I read and I have learned so much more since then. I will love IchiRuki as my OTP forever but for Bleach, I don't know. The story doesnt excite me anymore. Just get to the point Kubo, c'mon~
TRC was the first CLAMP I read. Yes, because CLAMP should have a genre of their own. It's like, shoujo and shounen combined. Idk.
And now it's ending.
I seriously cannot believe it. It's like, completing a circle, or something? I started reading it back in 2005. It's been 4 great years. I am still a noob. I've got so much more to learn and so many more communities and fandoms and animes and mangas to go through. It's exciting. :)

Goodbye, TRC, no matter what the final chap will be like, whether CLAMP kills off all the charas, or makes everything to be a dream, idk. I would still treasure you forever~ :)

my profile thingy for MAL. I love K-ON nnng.
& since its summer i get to play more with ps. >0<b

btw, have you noticed? my fav color is blue. haha.



why so cuuuuute.

;_______; damn it, why are you so cute!? Italy and Holy Roman Empire ;_____;




[playing with photoshop]

I've always loved FMA, and I think FMA2 is really great. The animations is superb and they follow the manga faithfully from what I've heard [no, i didnt read the manga yet... i prefer watching the anime] Anyway, lateset episode was Nina's arc, and whenever I watch her story my heart just shrinks. Her story is just so freaking sad my weak heart can't stand it. So I took my feelings out on ps, using this pic of Ed from the same ep.

I really love Ed.


p.s. another anime I really like this season is K-ON, which is like Lucky Star only with music and cuter girls, heh :)
My new default icon is from there~~

p.s.2 omg I also love Hetalia. Yes I do. It's my guilty pleasure haha.




Twitter & some manga rant

So first of all, I'm really interested in all the Twitter hype thats been going on, everyone seems like they have Twitter P:
Thus I created my own~ anyone on F-list who has one, you're welcome to follow me lol~ http://twitter.com/noyanyan

At any rate, I've been really busy lately but I did managed to read a really good manga called Sand Chronicles that gave me a new perspective on life in a way:

Our life can be represented by an hourglass. The past is the sand that has already fallen. The present is the sand falling right now at this very moment. The future is the sand that is going to fall. Isn't that actually... logical? When all the sand has already fallen, our life ends. I find this manga kinda realistic too... people die, fall in love, move away, reunite, make love, cheat, betray, lie, etc etc. I find it kinda different from your usual shoujo manga full of happiness and "omggg does he lurve mee or nott wat should i do idk wat r those feeling i pheel". :P

On another note, the winter season has almost ended and I'm sad. CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ made me cry so many times this season, like at least every episode of the last 5 or so. I loved that anime. I'm going to miss it. On the other hand, the Skip Beat! anime exceeded my expectation and was hilarious, even more than the manga at times, and I loved every minute of it. So sad it's over. I hope they will have another season :O

The big hit of this fall/winter anime season was of course Toradora! which I didn't get to watch. But I will~ someday. XD

Anyway, thank god Spring Break is next week. I can't wait~